baner mixing

Dear Colleagues,

The 14th European Conferences on Mixing organized under the auspices of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE Event number 711) was held in Warsaw on 10-13 September 2012, hosted by the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology and chaired by Professor Jerzy Bałdyga.

The conference provided a forum for presentations and interesting debates on the latest advances in theory and practice of mixing. Many new ideas, many new applications and many opinions have been expresses about the future of mixing as a research discipline. Conference sessions were on fluid mechanical fundamentals of mixing processes, chemically reactive flows and precipitation, single- and multi-phase mixing, mixing of complex fluids, suspensions and dispersions, mixing in process intensification, mixing in biotechnological applications, and advances in numerical simulation of mixing. The conference was attended by 127 participants from academia and industry from 21 countries from Europe, America and Asia.

During the conference, the EFCE Mixing Lifetime Recognition Award was presented to Professor Franco Magelli of the University of Bologna and the Young Researcher Award to Dr. Sebastian Maaß, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany. Mixing Lifetime Recognition Award of Mixing Section of Chemical and Process Engineering Committee of Polish Academy of Sciences was presented to Prof. Fryderyk Stręk from West Pomeranian University of Technology.

The conference proceedings have been uploaded onto the website and shall remain posted for at least 5 years.

The next conference in the series will be held in 2015 in Russia and details shall be provided in a dedicated website in due course.

Jerzy Bałdyga

European Conferences on Mixing were held in:
  1. Cambridge, UK, 1974
  2. Cambridge, UK, 1976
  3. York, UK, 1979
  4. Noordwijkerhout, NL, 1982
  5. Würzburg, Germany, 1985
  6. Pavia, Italy, 1988
  7. Brugge, Belgium, 1991
  8. Cambridge, UK, 1994
  9. Paris, France, 1997
  10. Delft, NL, 2000
  11. Bamberg, Germany, 2003
  12. Bologna, Italy, 2006
  13. London, UK, 2009
  14. Warsaw, Poland, 2012