baner mixing

Abstracts of plenary lectures

Developments in reactive mixing
John R. Bourne
Some mixing problems in gas-liquid reactors
Ryszard Pohorecki
Turbulence, flow variation and deformation facets of mixing in stirred vessels
Michael Yianneskis
Conference papers

Mixing and recirculation characteristics of gas-liquid Taylor flow in microreactors
T. Abadie, J. Aubin, C. Xuereb and D. Legendre
New concept of energy-efficient and resource-saving apparatuses for mixing and conjugated processes
R. Abiev
A combined criterion to identify mixing performance for the blending of non-Newtonian fluids using a Kenics KM static mixer
F. Alberini, M. J. H. Simmons, A. Ingram and E. H. Stitt
Disruption of yeast cells with ultrasound
J. Bałdyga, M. Jasińska, M. Dzięgielewska and M. Żochowska
Investigation of drop breakage and coalescence in the toluene/water dispersions with dissolved surface active polymers PVA 88% and PVA 98%
A. Bąk and W. Podgórska
Mixing performances in biogas plants
M. Brehmer and M. Kraume
Mixing time in unbaffled stirred tanks
A. Busciglio, F. Grisafi, F. Ippolito, F. Scargiali and A. Brucato
On vortex shape in unbaffled stirred vessels as measured by digital image analysis
A. Busciglio, F. Grisafi, F. Scargiali and A. Brucato
Experimental investigation and CFD modeling of micromixing of a single-feed semi-batch precipitation process in a liquid-liquid stirred reactor
D. Cheng, J. Cheng, Y. Yong, C. Yang and Z.-S. Mao
Development of optical trajectography device for the Lagrangian study of the turbulent flow inside a stirred tank used in pharmaceutical industry
M.-L. Collignon, A. Delafosse, F. Delvigne, M. Crine, P. Thonart and D. Toye.
Highly resolved simulations of solids suspension in a small mixing tank
J. Derksen and R. Sungkorn
Simulation of mixing and precipitation of nanoparticles for pharmaceutical applications with CFD and MD
N. Di Pasquale, P. Carbone, D. L. Marchisio and A. A. Barresi
Influence of mixing on the course of reactive extraction of carboxylic acids using supercritical carbon dioxide
M. Djas and M. Henczka
Liquid-liquid mixing using micro-fluidized beds
E. Doroodchi, M. Sathe, A. Boyes, G. Evans and B. Moghtaderi
Influence of nonionic surfactant on nanofluid properties
M. Drzazga, G. Dzido, M. Lemanowicz and A. Gierczycki
Influence of solids on macro-instabilities in a stirred tank
M. Eng and A. Rasmuson
Numerical simulation of liquid-liquid turbulent flow in a stirred tank with an explicit algebraic stress model
X. Feng, X. Li, J. Cheng, C. Yang and Z.-S. Mao
The NETmix® Reactor: 3D CFD modelling and pressure drop measurements
C. M. Fonte, M. E. Leblebici, M. M. Dias and J. C. B. Lopes
Flow field characterization and impinging jets stability studies in RIM
C. P. Fonte, M. A. Sultan, R. J. Santos, M. M. Dias and J. C. B. Lopes
PIV study of mixing characteristics in a stirred vessel with a non-Newtonian fluid
J. C. Gabelle, A. Liné, J. Morchain, D. Anne-Archard and F. Augier
Slinger design for three phase stirred tank reactor
R. Ghadge and T. Mathew
Vortex generation with submerged baffles
J. Giacomelli and W. Wyczalkowski
The effect of scale on liquid-liquid dispersion in in-line Silverson rotor-stator mixers
S. Hall, A. W. Pacek, A. J. Kowalski, M. Cooke and D. Rothman
Development of new static mixer to reduce unevenness of flow direction
T. Hanada, T. Okada and K. Takahashi
Interaction between fluid mixing and chemical reaction - Effect of non-uniform chaotic mixing on concentration distribution for periodical reaction system
S. Hashimoto, Y. Chikamochi and A. Nishimura
New impeller design: anti-ragging impeller, ARI2
R. Higbee, J. Giacomelli and W. Wyczalkowski
Micromixing in two- and three-phase (s-l and g-s-l) systems in a stirred vessel
J. Hofinger, W. Bujalski, S. Bakalis, A. Eaglesham and A. W. Nienow
Surface aeration for water treatment agitated tank mixing time, power consumption and hydrodynamics
H. M. Issa, M. Poux and C. Xuereb
Investigations of mass transfer and micromixing effects in two-phase liquid-liquid systems with chemical reaction
M. Jasińska, J. Bałdyga, M. Cooke and A. J. Kowalski
Numerical and experimental studies of liquid-liquid mixing in a Kenics static mixer
Z. Jaworski and H. Murasiewicz
Pumping capacity of pitched blade multi-stage impellers
T. Jirout
Development of novel drop diameter measuring method in the manufacturing process of functional O/W microcapsules
K. Kanaya, S. Akao, R. Misumi, K. Nishi and M. Kaminoyama
Numerical modelling of the hydrodynamics in an agitated vessel with an eccentrically located HE 3 impeller
J. Karcz, M. Domański and M. Bitenc
An effect of grid quality on the results of numerical simulations of the fluid flow field in an agitated vessel
J. Karcz and L. Kacperski
2D fluid deformation induced by a rotational reciprocating plate impeller in a cylindrical vessel
Y. Komoda, S. Senda, H. Takeda, Y. Hirata and H. Suzuki
Numerical and experimental modelling of a multiflux static mixer for continuous extrusion of layered polymer blends
T. Köpplmayr and J. Miethlinger
Comparison of power consumption for mixing process using the new construction of mixer with the reciprocating and rotating agitator
M. Kordas, S. Masiuk and R. Rakoczy
Experimental and CFD investigation of commercial PC heat sink performance using water and nanofluids
M. Korpyś, G. Dzido and J. Wójcik
CFD modelling of hydrodynamics in supercritical fluid extraction systems
J. Krzysztoforski and M. Henczka
Mass transfer coefficients during aeration by a self-aspirating impeller
Cz. Kuncewicz and J. Stelmach
Mixing enhancement of flow in stirred vessels by chaotic advection
H.D. Lee, D.H. Lee and W.R. Hwang
Investigation of discrete population balance models and its parameters for turbulent emulsification processes
S. Maaß and M. Kraume
On-line monitoring of fluid particle size distributions in agitated vessels using automated image analysis
S. Maaß, J. Rojahn, J. Emmerich and M. Kraume
Transitional flow behaviour in the Shear and Sedimentation Test Cell (SSTC)
M. B. Machado and S. M. Kresta
Large Eddy Simulation of chemical processes carried out in jet reactors
Ł. Makowski, W. Orciuch and J. Bałdyga
A comparison of subgrid closure method for passive scalar dynamics
Ł. Makowski, W. Orciuch and K. Wojtas
Influence of micromixing on the course of homogenous chemical reactions in suspensions
K. Malik and J. Bałdyga
Scale-up of a DTM crystallizer
A. Małysiak and P. M. Synowiec
Process intensification of continuous starch hydrolysis with a Taylor-Couette flow reactor
H. Masuda, T. Horie, R. Hubacz and N. Ohmura
Relation between particle rising behavior and liquid flow around the bottom of a stirred vessel
R. Misumi, T. Sasaki, H. Kato, K. Nishi and M. Kaminoyama
Influence of axial mixing and particle size non-uniformity on performance of chromatographic reactors
E. Molga, M. Lewak and A. Ostaniewicz-Cydzik
CFD modelling of a novel stirred reactor for the bio-production of hydrogen
G. Montante, M. Coroneo, J. A. Francesconi, A. Paglianti and F. Magelli
Lattice-Boltzmann method for the simulation of laminar mixers
F. Muggli, L. Chatagny and J. Lätt
Determination of drop breakage mechanisms by experimental and numerical investigations of single drop breakages
S. Nachtigall, D. Zedel, S. Maaß, A. Walle, M. Schäfer and M. Kraume
Measurement of cavern sizes and shape in agitated yield stress aqueous solutions with an electrochemical probe
T. Nagafune and Y. Hirata
Modelling algal cultivation in a bubble column photobioreactor
E. K. Nauha and V. Alopaeus
Effect of temperature change on transient organized structure of isolated mixing regions in stirred vessel
N. Ohmura, H. Tanaka, N. Kumagai and T. Horie
Incorporation of nanoparticle clusters into liquids using a proprietary design mixer-Ytron Y Jet
G. Özcan-Taşkın
Dispersion of nanoscale silica particles using a novel design stirred bead mill
G. Özcan-Taşkın, E. Gavi, D. Kubicki and Y. Wang
Fluid-dynamics characteristics of a vortex ingesting stirred tank for the production of hydrogen from organic wastes fermentation
A. Paglianti, G. Montante and F. Magelli
The non-newtonian fluid flow through the Kenics static mixer
S. Peryt-Stawiarska and Z. Jaworski
Application of the Conditional Quadrature Method of Moments for the simulation of coalescence, breakup and mass transfer in gas-liquid stirred tanks
M. Petitti, M. Vanni, D. L. Marchisio, A. Buffo and F. Podenzani
Power consumption of the rotor-stator mixer with cavities
K. Piela, J. J. M. Janssen and P. Bongers
Modelling of drop coalescence in stirred liquid-liquid dispersion containing surfactant
W. Podgórska and A. Bąk
Development of positron emission particle tracking for studying laminar mixing in Kenics static mixer
M. Rafiee, M. J. H. Simmons, A. Ingram and E. H. Stitt
Evaluation of mixing performance in a magnetic mixer based on information entropy
R. Rakoczy, S. Masiuk and M. Kordas
Particle suspension with a TX445 impeller
F. Rieger, D. Ceres and P. Seichter
Correlation of drop size with shear tip speed
T. L. Rodgers and M. Cooke
Modelling of unsteady interphase mass transfer from elongated liquid drops at capillary numbers close to a critical level
A. Rożeń
The effect of phase fraction on drop size distribution in a high shear mixer with a viscous continuous phase
P. E. Rueger and R. V. Calabrese
Modelling and measurement of bubble formation and growth in electroflotation processes
M. D. Sarkar, P. M. Machniewski and G. M. Evans
Scale-down studies for assessing the impact of different stress parameters on growth and product quality during mammalian cell culture
W. H. Scott, C. R. Thomas, C. J. Hewitt, G. Lewis, S.J. Meier, A. Amanullah, R. Kiss and A. W. Nienow
CFD simulation of fluid flow in an agitated system with a pitched blade worn impeller
J. Skočilas, I. Fořt and T. Jirout
Analysis of methods for measuring energy dissipation rates in the tank with the use of a PIV system
J. Stelmach and Cz. Kuncewicz
A numerical study of 3D structure of the flow field in the T-jets mixers with experimental validation
M. A. Sultan, M. M. Dias, J. C. B. Lopes and R. J. Santos
Rheological properties of pastous mixtures
B. Tal-Figiel, M. Kwiecień and W. Figiel
Application of information entropy and fractional calculus in emulsification processes
B. Tal-Figiel
The velocity field in the discharge stream from a Rushton turbine impeller
J. Talaga and I. Fořt
Assessment of the minimum power requirements for complete suspension in top-covered unbaffled stirred tanks
A. Tamburini, A. Cipollina, G. Micale and A. Brucato
Investigation of turbulence modulation in solid-liquid suspensions using parallel competing reactions as probes for micro-mixing efficiency
H. Unadkat, Z. K. Nagy and C. D. Rielly
The details of the turbulent flow field in the vicinity of a Rushton turbine
H. E. A. Van den Akker
On the design of mixing limited precipitation processes using a novel technique for in-situ particle size distribution measurement
L. Vicum, P. Czajka and A. Laurenzis
Characterization of NS-impeller mixing in viscous batches containing exopolysaccharides
S. D. Vlaev, M. Martinov, K. Pavlova, S. Russinova-Videva and K. Georgieva
Appraisal of shaken bioreactor mixing efficiency for different operating conditions
W. Weheliye, G. Rodriguez, T. Anderlei, M. Micheletti, M. Yianneskis and A. Ducci
On the flow dynamics and out-of-phase phenomena in orbitally shakening bioreactors
W. Weheliye, M. Yianneskis and A. Ducci
Mixing of shear-thinning fluid with yield stress in a vessel with unsteadily rotating impeller
S. Woziwodzki and L. Broniarz-Press
Power measurements of commercial laboratory impellers
H. Ying, S. Lebioda and T. W. M. Martin
The effect of mixing and sonication during protein coagulation on the particle size distribution in the suspension created
L. Zander, F. Dajnowiec, Z. Zander, D. Mickiewicz and M. Biegaj
Micro-mixing characteristics and bubble behaviors in an airlift internal loop reactor with low height-to-diameter ratio
W. Zhang, Y. Yong, G. Zhang, C. Yang and Z.-S. Mao